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This cookie policy on is available for the user according to the Italian Data Protection Authority’s instructions of 8th May 2014 "Simplified arrangements to provide information and obtain consent regarding Cookies" and in accordance with art.13 of EU Regulation n.2016/679 (called "GDPR").

This policy is prepared and updated by NUOVA SILMAP S.p.A., manager of the website and controller for any processing of personal data, with its headquarters in street Marconi, 72 - 25068 Sarezzo v.t. (BS). If you need further information about the use of cookies of this website, please contact us by

You can use the same e-mail address to exercise the rights given by the Law (art 15 and the following EU Regulation n 2016/679) for instance, access, cancellation, correction, integration. and to ask the updated list of controllers for personal data’s processing.

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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files generated by a website, during your navigation, and placed on your device (computer, notebook, smartphone, tablet or on any other device you are using to access the website). The same web site that generated them, it will be able to read and record the cookies on the same device to obtain information of various kinds. Which? For each kind of cookies, there is a different and precise role.

How many types of Cookies are there?

There are two fundamental macro-categories, with different features: technical cookies and profiling cookies. The technical cookies are generally needed to show the website correctly and to allow the navigation; without them, you will not be able to see correctly the pages or to use some services. For example, a technical cookie is essential for keeping the user online during the navigation on a web site, or for memorizing settings as language, layout and so on.

Technical cookies can be divided into:

Navigation cookies: they allow the website to function correctly and allow the use of the website (for example to buy online or to log in personal areas); Analytics cookies: they belong to the technical cookies only when they are used by the website manager to collect information as the number of users and how they use the site; Functional cookies: they allow the user to browse according to some selected criteria (for example the language, the items in the shopping bag) in order to improve the service.

The profiling cookies are more sophisticated! They aim to create user profiles and they are used to send ads messages according to the preferences shown during the navigation

Which Cookies do we use?

We use technical cookies to guarantee the correct functioning of our website.

Cookie Third part? Type Duration Feature
Session No Technical Session Determina la sessione di utilizzo del singolo utente
GPS YouTube Yes HTTP Cookie Session Register a unique ID on mobile devices to allow tracking based on GPS geographic location.
PREF YouTube Yes HTTP Cookie 8 mesi Register a unique ID on mobile devices to allow tracking based on GPS geographic location.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE YouTube Yes HTTP Cookie 179 giorni Try to estimate the speed of the user's connection on pages with integrated YouTube videos.
YSC YouTube Yes HTTP Cookie Session Register a unique ID on mobile devices to allow tracking based on GPS geographic location.
If you would not like to permit use of the Google cookies and the use of the collected data, you can prevent that use by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. Please visit the help pages of your web browser to discover how you can change your personal settings.

Internet Explorer™:
Opera™: ecc.

Please note that if you do not reject Google’s cookies, that means consent to your data processing, according the methods and aims above mentioned.

Should the user/visitor wish to disable/refuse the use of these cookies, he may at any time change the settings of his PC's browser. In this case we would like to point out that browsing the Website and using the related contents could be compromised. Please check your browser (for more information

To delate cookies on your smartphone or tablet, please see the user manual of the device.

Widget Google Map

This website incorporates the Widget Google Map, with the map of the company. This service involves installing Google cookies. No information is disclosed by the website, where the widget is. For further information, please check here: